The Weather Report

Shortly before leaving the U.S.A. for sunnier skies, Exchange signed on for Director of Photography duties on The Weather Report as his "boa viagem" project.  No short trip back to the states would be complete without a proper check-in on how that project is shaping up.  I'm happy to announce that long-time collaborator, Tarazod, is well on his way to having the rough cut completed and finishing work started.  I hope to have more details for you soon as the edits wrap up and it's ready for delivery.  When asked about his role on the project in a recent interview, Exchange had this to say; "The lines are always a little blurry when it comes to working with Tarazod.  Sometimes it's hard to see where his ideas end and mine begin.  What I will say is this; while it may not be my most arduous project in the editing room, it is by far my best work behind the camera.  With this film, I was able to really explore my surroundings and express myself artistically in a way that I've never done before." Well said, Exchange.  Well said.