Launch of Exchange In Training

Have you ever asked yourself, "how does one build a film company from the ground up"?  As is well known, Exchange has always wanted to make films since he was a little boy, but as life sometimes gets in the way, he put it off for another day.  That day came around 5 years ago.  Since then, making films has consumed his life and he hasn't once looked back.  As Exchange has also been a teacher in his heart, he thought that he would bring you along his journey with him so that you may save yourself the hours of trying to find the best tutorial or the most in depth explanation.  Forget about it.  He's already done that.  And that is "Exchange In Training".  The link to the blog is now listed and live.  Check back frequently for updates as this industry changes faster than a bolt of lightening.

Of course, you can go directly to the blog at, but since that's too hard to remember, just come here and click on the blog link above.