One Entire Year of Writing Like a Fiend

In the long hiatus from updates that has been Exchange's life, all has not been lost.  Between administering diaper changes and delivering literature lectures, Exchange has been wrought into peak screen-writing shape.  What's in the works?  With John Truby's The Anatomy of Story as a guide, Exchange has found himself in the thick of developing 2 shorts and 4 features simultaneously.  Exchange likes to think of himself as having escaped to a cabin in the woods, removed from society's ills, so as to re-hone his energies and adjust his sails for the future.  In reality his cabin in the woods is a 3-bedroom apartment on the 15th floor in a suburb of a city of 19 million people.  But you get the idea.  That's all I can say for now; these screenplays won't finish themselves.