"Your Friendly Filmmaker"

 Michael has been passionate about making films since childhood.  At the age of 12 he co-produced a remake of Stephen King's IT.  When asked why he wants to make films, Michael responded, "It's just in me."  

Michael is alumn of the Wisconsin Film School having worked various projects of theirs.  In addition to film production Michael as served on the board of directors for WYOU Community Television in Madison, WI as a way to connect the community to the arts.

Some of his more recent films include:
*Beast Bike Beauty - A narrative short focusing on a troubled man after a devastating loss, in his quest to reconnect with his inner joy in the most unlikely of places. 
*Ardita - A short documentary about a young child, suffering from spina-bifida and facing deportation back to war-torn Kosovo. 
*Rake of the Living Dead - Michael played the lead role as a blood-thirsty zombie in this Spilling Latte Production.  
*Calling All Crows - A short film highlighting the organization founded by Chad Stokes (State Radio and Dispatch) and his wife Sybil Gallagher along with others.  Calling all crows mission is "mobilizing fans and musicians to empower women through service."

As of late, Michael has chosen to concentrate his efforts on screenwriting.  The focus of the past 5 years had been primarily on cinematography of partner projects such as Tarazod's Strindberg's Assistant, Windmiller's Just God, and C-Side's Don Circles The Drain, but the winds are changing.  Michael is now usually found with a working script in hand outside of one of his favorite cafes.  Currently he is working on scripts for 4 different features as well as 2 short narratives.


General inquiries can be sent to:


Demo reel available upon request.